Welcome to the False Positive reporting page for Zen Internet Customers, using the
Third Party Sanesecurity signatures.


False Positive samples (where possible) should either be emailed to:

or use a service such as pastebin (to past in the whole email) and then email the unique pastebin link you are given, to the above email address.

In order to speed up the resolution process when sending a False Positive Report, please send the signature name:

550-Our virus software (ClamAV) has identified it as 550-'Sanesecurity.Junk.27715.UNOFFICIAL'.

and also, where possible, the raw text (including all headers of you blocked email)

Note: If you are trying to send a copy of a fraudulent email to your bank or other organisation (such as PayPal/Ebay) and it is getting blocked by Zen… then please use the pastbin service to send the fraudulent email instead, as this will not be blocked by Zen.

Thank You for using Sanesecurity Signatures and Zen Internet.

Other comments should be sent to:

GPG key
Key ID: 0x97CD8EE6
Fingerprint: 890D 413C 9E6E FD80 9D0E E892 D6F4 C536 97CD 8EE6



Whilst every effort has been made by Sanesecurity to ensure that the signatures don't lead to false positives, we make no warranty that the signatures will meet your requirements, be uninterrupted, complete, timely, secure or error free.
You must therefore use them at your own risk.

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